About Brandon Le

Mr. Le teaches because he strongly believes education has the power to improve people, and in turn, our societies and world at large. He also loves challenges, art, and especially – challenging art. Teaching, he argues, is a perfect example of a challenging art. He teaches science because he is a fundamentally curious person who is astounded by our natural world. 

From an early age Brandon Le was obsessed with dinosaurs and the flora and fauna of his native Alaskan ecosystem. As he grew up he turned his fascination toward the inner workings of the organisms he voraciously read about. Eventually, this led him to major in cell and molecular biology at the University of Texas at Austin where he studied the effects of hormones on the brains of a unique species of desert lizard. He moved to Durham to study neuroscience at Duke before deciding to take his passion for science into the high school classroom. Ask him about his experiences in labs and in the field as a biologist!

In his spare time, Mr. Le travels, follows professional soccer around the world (especially Arsenal – Ya, Gunners, YA!), plays soccer, composes music, rides bikes, cooks, and nerds out with all kinds of table-top and video games.