Bio Project: Where do we come from?

“Tree Thinking” uses the idea of constant branching to tell the story of biodiversity originating from a single-celled common ancestor!

Check out this link for to see the tree of life image used for today’s writing prompt.

Driving Question: Where do we come from?

Big Idea: Evolution chronicles a bitter struggle for survival that spans epic lengths of geologic time. In this evolution project you will tell the gritty story of one major branch of the tree of life in the battle for environmental fitness – their efforts, innovations, failures and successes. In doing so, you will get a big-picture view of the history of biodiversity on Earth and better understand your place within it.

To start our project, you will learn how evolutionary biologists use data to construct a “phylogenetic tree of life” or “cladogram” that shows the relatedness between all kinds of organisms on earth!

  • Your job today is to visit the NOVA “Evolution Lab” and try your hand at constructing a tree of life.
  • Follow the link above
  • Log-in using your Google account so your progress can be saved.
  • Click “Play Game”.
  • Today, try to complete the game at through “Mission 3”. Think about how you and your favorite species might fit into the big tree of life on earth.

Stay tuned for updates on what you and a partner will do for this project later this week.

Here’s a non-cartoon version of the tree of life.

Like this stuff? Here’s a couple other neat links:


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