Welcome to Mr. Le’s Biology and AP Biology classes!

Mr. Le Tests the currents in the Kaweah River in King’s Canyon National Park (Summer 2016)

Welcome, everyone! I’m greatly looking forward to a vivacious semester of biology with all my new students. Prepare to get your feet wet as we dive into the amazing world of life that is around and inside us all.

In addition to canvas, I hope this website is a useful tool that you will become familiar with. I’ll be posting information, tools, and links here that will support our learning throughout the semester.

Notice that from the homepage or blog posts you can access a menu with essential links by clicking the three horizontal line symbol in the upper right part of your screen.

I use this website for both Biology and AP Biology. To keep things clear I’ll title my posts “Bio” for regular biology (both enriched and honors) and “AP Bio” for AP biology.

Don’t hesitate to contact me via email at ble@voyageracademy.net

See you in room C116 later tonight, or on Monday.


Mr. Le


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