Who’s the boss: you, your genes, or your environment?

Or is it a combination of all of the above? Our next project, The Genes and Behavior Project, aims to find out!

Driving Question: Who’s in control, your genes, your environment, or you?

To start out, read the article found here.

Project flow:

  1. Entry  Event: Practice observing and analyzing animal behavior by secretly spying on a classmate.
    • Paper Assignment (2/17): Submit a report of your observation data to Mr. Le by Friday, 2/26.
  2. Entry Article Discussion: “My DNA made me do it”
    • Discussion Assignment(2/18): Make a post on the canvas discussion about this article by Monday 2/22.
  3. Pair-up with another student and define a human behavior you would like to focus on for this project. See list of examples for help.
  4. Describe the three main phases of the behavior using detailed research. See this sheet to get started.
    1. Stimulus/Reception
    2. Modulation (processing)
    3. Effects
  5. Research a gene/protein pair important for producing each of the three behavioral phases
  6. Create an interactive “mind-map” using http://www.mindmeister.com that shares your research on the genes/proteins responsible for each phase of the behavior.
  7. Share your work with the public by embedding QR-code links on the interactive brain display produced by Ms. Rosenthal and Mr. Spring’s classes.

One thought on “Who’s the boss: you, your genes, or your environment?

  1. I think this article is very interesting because of the topic that is discussed in it. the discussion of whether ones genes are what causes someone to do what they do is interesting. In my opinion I believe that the genes are not what cause people to do what they do and we shouldn’t blame it on their genes for behaving in a bad way. their genes are not the one doing the action and not causing them to act out in the way they do. Genetics should not be considered when looking at a criminal sentence because whether it was the genes or not the action that was going against the law was still carried out by the person. genes should stay out of criminal discussions or civil case discussions because they serve no purpose in the case.


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