Snow-day transmission…

Hello, Biology and AP Biology students. I hope you’re enjoying a fun day at home. This siberian salamander (above) has been freezing its brain since before it was cool. Speaking of freezing brains….

Here is an awesome article to read if you get bored. It’s about how understanding the brain might make it possible for your mind to live forever. Make a comment describing your response at the bottom of this post if you want some extra credit for your troubles.


5 thoughts on “Snow-day transmission…

  1. This type of scientific technology is incredible to think about. We’ve been discussing this topic in English lately; many of the world’s leading scientific innovators believe that brain emulation is the gateway to building artificial super intelligence. To me, the most questionable part of this process is the test to determine whether or not a mechanical copy of an individual’s brain is really him or her. Personally, I don’t see how it could be. Even if the machine was conscious of the person’s previous life, there is no guarantee that it would make the same choices that the person in question would make. All of its actions would be based on a memory. The machine would be a memorial of the person’s life–not that same person raised from the dead. It may sound cynical, but I don’t think that this is truly an example of immortality. If I understand the process correctly, the final product wouldn’t be made of any organic material. The machine might be conscious, but it wouldn’t be alive. To find the key to immortality, science would have to eliminate death.

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    1. This article was very interesting to read, being able to perserve peoples brains is crazy. Some of the things that are in the article make me question if this is possible to do on a human brain, even though they say it might take some time they believe that they will be able to accomplish it on a human brain. A piece of information that really shocked me from this article was when it was talking about how “computers can’t recongnize on electron microscope images where one neuron ends and another begins; they need human tutroing and supervison.” To me this really stood out because computers can do a lot and you would think that they would be able to do that on their own. Over all I thought this article was very interesting an I deffinelty learned a lot about perserving not only human brains but mammal brains as well.

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  2. The thought of preserving someone’s brain and the thoughts in it is very interesting, but at the same time it is very weird and confusing. I am not sure how useful this could be unless you could do a brain transplant or something like that. This article was very eye-opening and it will be interesting to see what scientists do with the information they have obtained through preserving brains. I just wonder if damage could be done to the brain by going through these processes that the brain is not used to.

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  3. The thought on someone’s brain still able to function even after death is cool in a way but could be weird in another way. In all honesty, the idea of preserving a brain is a good idea but using that brain to get the ideas that once were thought of by someone who was alive is creepy. This is almost like the idea of hacking someone computer and using all the data they have for a purpose that benefits only one person. What kind of things could come out of this idea? I don’t know, but this article is leading to an idea that could impact many lives today.

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  4. The idea of using someone’s brain to get information is cool in one way but knowing that this brain belongs to someone who is dead and yet still able to get the idea from within is weird in another way. This idea relates to the ability to hack into computers and things like that because your able to crack into someone’s thoughts without them knowing and finding the ideas that are hidden within them. By proceeding with such idea, the impact on society could be big because it will allow you to understand the thoughts behind what people do and why they do them. Is this a interesting idea? yes but it could lead to things that are better left hidden and never seen.


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