Biology Update: Review for Evolution, Reading assignment for Unit 2 on Biochemistry

First things first: Here’s a link to the Kahoot review questions on Evolution.

Mmmmmm…..lipids and carbs…..droool….Next up is our second unit on Biochemistry! Get hungry – we’re about to learn about the molecules and chemical reactions that keep you alive and kicking.

Update: Here is a helpful google slides presentation with pictures of molecular structures of all 4 molecules’ monomers and polymer forms.

As we get started, here is a link to the textbook chapter assignment. There will a submission for this work on Canvas due Wednesday 9/29.

Honors: Read and complete all three sections and all lesson review questions.

Enriched: Read all three sections and complete only the “recall” lesson review questions.

Finally, here are links to the articles we read yesterday, plus a few extras!

Bonus articles below:


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