AP Biology – The “Big 5” Mass Extinction Events

It’s rough out there. Every now and then, our planet changes dramatically, and asks a big question of its organisms: How well can you deal with change? There is only two options: Adapt or die!

Contribute to the class presentation on the big 5 mass extinctions here. You will find your name assigned to one of the 5 groups. Consider dividing the work to answer the big picture  Here is a link to get you started with a brief overview of your assigned extinction. You should go further using your textbook and reliable internet resources.

Reminder: Check out the Evolution Review that outlines important topics and terms, and also shows off some example multiple choice and free response questions. Our test on Evolution will be on Tues, Sep 22, and will cover Ch. 22, 23, and 24 in detail, with supplemental material from the “origins of life” lecture/Ch. 25.

Also don’t forget to make use of the “Bozeman Biology” review videos available here.

Update: Here’s a link to the Kahoot questions we used for review on Monday, 9/21. Use em!


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