AP Biology Updates: Field trip to Dr. Noor’s lab at Duke, Evolution review

File:Megaselia scalaris.jpg

Megasela scalaris or “Scuttle Fly” – one of the model organisms studied by the Noor Lab

Check out Dr. Noor’s website here. Click over to “Primary Research Projects” to learn more about their ongoing work.

Please use this google document to record your questions about the lab’s research. Ask at least one question specific to their work, then feel free to add more general questions about evolution and biology as a whole.

I’d also like to check out the Evolution Review that outlines important topics and terms, and also shows off some example multiple choice and free response questions. Our test on Evolution will be on Tues, Sep 22, and will cover Ch. 22, 23, and 24 in detail, with supplemental material¬†from the “origins of life” lecture/Ch. 25.

Update: Here’s a link to the Kahoot questions we used for review on Monday, 9/21. Use em!


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