Ultimate Invader Project: Part B – Invade The Colonies!

Adaptations can be pretty weird: When camouflage fails , this horned lizard squirts blood from its eye sockets to scare off predators! Check out a video here.

Other examples of amazing adaptations can be found here and here.

In part B of the “Ultimate Invader Project”, you’ll be designing three “Ultimate Invader Trading Cards” that represent organisms that could successfully invade and dominate three colonial regions of your choice using their arsenal of amazing adaptations. Soon, your invaders will battle to become the colonial America’s ULTIMATE INVADER in a brutal contest where only the fittest survive!

Ultimate invader card template is found here.

Requirements for your ultimate invader cards:11

  • Three ultimate invader cards, one for each colonial region (pick three)
    • New England, Middle, Chesapeake, Southern
    • NOTE: APUSH Students need only create ONE ultimate invader for inclusion in your story book.
  • Picture – You create the picture (by hand or on computer)
  • Basic organism description
    • Habitat (Aquatic, terrestrial, avian, microscopic?)
    • Size, shape, appearance
    • Niche: In general, what is its role in nature (Predator, prey, producer (plant), parasite, etc.)
  • Adaptations: 5 per card (honors) / 3 per card (enriched)
  • You should have at least one adaptation for each category listed below on EACH INVADER; make sure to include a mix of physical, physiological, and behavioral adaptations
    • Sociopolitical
    • Economic
    • Geographic
    • Reproductive
    • Food and Foraging
    • Combat (defense or offense)

Ultimate Invader Cards Due on TUESDAY 9/15. PREPARE FOR BATTLE.


One thought on “Ultimate Invader Project: Part B – Invade The Colonies!

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