Bio Project – The ultimate invader – Step 2: Storyboarding the biological invasion

Here’s what you should be working on for the “Ultimate Invader” project:

  1. Select an invasive species to focus on from our class “Invader inventory”. Click here to view them. It’s ok to pick one that is different from the slide you created. It’s also ok if another student picks the same one.
  2. Create a “storyboard” for the invasion. A storyboard is a graphic organizer of images and short descriptions used for creating movies, comics, and more. Check out some examples here, or here. You can do this by hand, or by using digital tools like powerpoint/google slides/prezi, or the website “Storyboardthat“.
  3. Your storyboard should show the invasion of the species you selected. It should include as much biology/evolution information and vocabulary as possible for the best possible grade. Your storyboard will be used as a rough draft of the product you will eventually put on your digital portfolio as “Part A” of this project.
  4. The storyboard (rough draft) MUST BE SHARED WITH MR. LE BY WED, SEPTEMBER 2.

Biology content requirements:

  • Enriched students must include at least THREE steps of the invasion (3 story-board panels).
  • Honors students must include at least SIX steps of the invasion (6 story-board panels).
  • What type of selection is happening as a result of this invasion?
  • What adaptations increase the fitness of your invader and allow it to dominate?
  • How is the environment where the invasion happening important to the story?

*Remember, if you are not in US History, that’s ok, still focus on completing the biology portion of this project.

*Also, if you have new students in your class who are confused about what’s going on, help them out! Sometimes just a little explanation is all they need to get going.


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