AP Biology: Quantifying evolution in populations with the Hardy Weinberg Equation

hw equation

The Hardy Weinberg Equation is a powerful tool in genetics and evolution. It allows scientists to determine whether a population is undergoing evolution or equilibrium for a particular allele (variation of a gene).

*Update: Lab is due Wed, 9/9.

Links: Lab document. Lab report rubric.

Example investigation questions:

  • How does population size affect genotype frequencies?
  • What happens when random a random disaster wipes out part of your gene pool? (Genetic drift)
  • What happens when you change starting allele frequencies? (Founder effect/Gene flow)
  • What happens if a genotype is lethal? (Natural selection)
  • What happens to genotype frequencies as generations pass?

Check out another video from Bozeman biology for help with the modeling lab we began Tuesday.

Check out Mr. Anderson from Bozeman Biology’s video about solving HW problems here:

Here is a link to some Hardy Weinberg practice problems. Please complete problems 1-6 by Thursday’s class, and the rest of the problems by Monday, 8/31. We will go over answers as a class, and a full key will be posted to google drive over the weekend.


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