Biology HW Week 1

Am I alive? – RobocopRobocop

Part I: Read chapters 1.1 and 1.2 by Friday 8/14, this time you DO NOT need to answer the end of section questions. Click here to view the chapter pdf files, also found on our

Our first quiz (Friday, 8/14) will cover content covered in class and from these readings, so don’t skip it!

Part II: Read the short article here: Link to short reading assignment.

When you’re done reading, ignore the questions and respond to the following prompt using AT LEAST 7 thoughtful sentences. Please turn in on paper (handwritten or printout) by 8/14:

At the end of the article, is Substituted Sammy “alive” or not? Explain your answer and think biologically here; does he have the necessary characteristics to be a living organism? If not, what characteristics are missing? Why? Is this even possible? How far would you go to sustain your life?


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